Here on the farm we have cows that are permanent residents and temporary resident.

Our permanent residents are our Jersey, Normande, Jersey/Holstein, Jersey/Angus, Jersey/Hereford, Normande/Jersey/Holstein, Guernsey/Red Angus and mini Hereford cows right now.  These girls are used for milk and beef here at our farm.

Our temporary or non-permanent residents include most calves that are born on the property and purchased calves that we feed extra milk to and raise mostly until weaning.  We have raised a few to butchering age and butchered, but we are still in the planning stages for making that a regular part of our operation.

All of our cows are out on pasture usually from April until October, or as weather permits.  For the rest of the year they get to enjoy the good life of a nice warm dry barn and get to eat a combination of all local haylage and grass and alfafa hay.  The milk cows are also given minimal well balanced grain at milking time to ensure that they are recieving the proper amount of vitamins and minerals they need.

A little about each cow…

Mama is the oldest and only registered cow we have right now.  She originally came from the OSU dairy and loves babies and attention.  Like most Jersey’s, she makes sure she does’t miss a meal and is usually the first in line to fresh grass and milking time.

Cinnamon is our Jersey/Holstein cow that originally came from a dairy in Washington.  She is more laid back and a nice all around girl.

Mini is our other Jersey.  She was our first heifer born here on the farm and we look forward to her joining the milking ranks here very soon.

Norma is our Normande (a dairy breed from France).  She will also be joining the milking ranks soon.

We also have Susie, Pippy, Pinkie, Peaches, Godiva, and Dutches which are all heifers we are excited to see grow up and mature here on the farm.