We do have various critters for sale from time to time.  These critters include calves, lambs, goats, & chickens.

Please check back often.

~Dairy Lambs.  These guys will be available from February through March and maybe even later.  They are raised on fresh cow milk, hay, and grain.

~Bull Calves:  If you want to raise your own beef, let us know.  We raise Holstein, Jersey, and mix bull calves until weaning and then offer them up for sale.  This is your chance to take one (or many) of these guys home and raise them how you’d like for beef later (they have great lean and flavorful meat)!  We also can get you started if you’d like to raise your own bottle baby from the very start.

~Heifer Calves: From time to time we have dairy or dairy beef cross heifer calves available.