This week we have available:

Pear Cherry Tomatoes – $2/Pint
Red/Yellow/Orange Tomatoes – $1/lb (Bulk avail.)
Lemon Cucumbers – 2/$1
Tomatillos – $1.25/lb
Green Beans – $1.75/lb
Eggplant – $1.25 each (over 30 $1 each)
Plums – 5/$1
Jalepanos – $1/lb

Sage – $1/bunch
Chives – $1/bunch
Dahlias – $4/bunch
Sunflowers – $4/bunch (4 stems)
Asters – $4/Bunch
Statice – $4/Bunch

Coming Soon!!! :

~A few more herbs
~Green/red peppers (still tiny waiting for them to grow)

** Also don’t forget, this Saturday (the 15th) is our open house from 1pm
until whenever.  We would love for you (friends and family included) to come
on by and visit.  We are happy to chat and show you what we do.