Things here on the farm are starting to wind down with fall weather setting in and winter not to far off.  The flowers are haning in there but definitely slowing down.  On the brighter side, it looks like our first frost is a bit farther off, so we will still have flowers for the next couple weeks.

Out in the barn…. Things are gearing up for winter.  The grass is slowing down, so the critters are slowly transitioning to their winter digs.  Which means i have a couple different sprojects i better hurry up and get done before they all are digging their indoor digs full time.  Lady (our Guernsey) is now dry and due to calve the end of November maybe a Thanksgiving baby).  Moon is still milking but will be put on maternity leave with Lady at the end of October and due to calve the end of December.  And last but not least, Sally, is still milking sgreat and hopefully up to handling the milk load by herself for about a month.  As for the sheep, we should see little ones sometime this winter (I’ll keep everyone posted as i notice them getting closer to lambing).  And of course we will continue to have eggs from our chickens, so come on by and get some :).

Our in the field (other than the flowers), most everything is pretty much done and looking forward to winter.  Pretty much all athat is left is winter squash that we will be continually picking up for the next couple of weeks.


Well that pretty much sums it up for now, but dont hesitate dropping us a quick note or calling to see about coming by for a visit (to chat, help out, or …).