The weather is turning more and more fallish and things are continuing to slow down here on the farm, but there are still a few big projects that need to get done before we can start enjoying our evenings and weekends again.

Of course we are finally expecting raing and we will be spending the weekend picking up winter squash.  Rain gear and rubber boots here i come.  So for all of you looking forward to winter squash here is your chance to get some!  The bigger the order the better :).

On another note, the critters are starting to tell me that fall is here and they would like to start enjoying the comforts of the barn more.  The cows are starting to spend more time hanging out in the barn and almost demanding i start making the barn a more comfy and acceptable sleeping area (Since cleaning the barn out a few months ago, i haven’t put any bedding down to discourage the girls from hanging out),  The sheep and goats are starting to be a bit more vocal on wanting to come to the barn in the evening and start to get pampered more.  On the other hand, i think the chickens aren’t worried yet.

As for upcoming projects on the farm, we will be digging flowers (dahlias & glads) soon.  Hopefully we can get to them before it get to muddy and cold.

Until my next post…