Well the cows are officially tucked into the barn for winter.  The sheep are almost there.  And the chickens don’t seem to care yet. Now just to make sure i can get enough straw stored away to keep them all snuggly and warm (and hope all the modifications to the barn are improvements rather than failures).

In other critter news… We are now down to just one of the cows milking.  I can hardly wait until the end of November and the end of December when our new babies are due!  Hopefully we will also have baby lambs running around them too.

On the other side of the farm… we are pretty much down to squash and getting the dahlias dug (we wait for the muddy time of year for these 😉 ).  Let us know if you are interested in squash or dahlias and more info can be provided.

So long until i post again 🙂