Our Guernsey cow, Lady, gave us a beautiful bull calf a week ago.  He is fitting in and figuring out how to be a nuisance oh so nicely, so i think he will make it just fine.  If there is anyone of you who would like a great (registerable) breeding bull in the future, let me know and we can probably work something out.  Since we now have milk coming out our ears (i think even the chickens can’t handle anymore), i picked up 2 nice holstein calves to help out.  They are pretty cute and should be great prospects for beef much later.

With all this change going on i’ll be glad in about another week when everything settles back down into a nice new routine.  The calves should all be eating great (have drinking milk down to a speedy art), cows should come in just fine for milking, not kicking and making messes during milking, and everyone should be enjoying the nice smooth flow of chores and feeding.  Well hopefully most days this will happen :).

We have also been busy digging up our dahlia tubers in between rain showers the last couple weeks.  Well not all of the tubers, but plenty for next years season.

Mostly everything is set for the winter as we plan and dream about next year…