Well spring has finally found us here.  We started off by getting some Dahlias planted in our newly erected greenhouse early in the year (boy are they loving there nice warm home).  Next we moved onto getting the rest of the Dahlias planted in the field during spring break (right on schedule this year) and some of the Gladiolus.  And this week we will be getting more of the Gladiolus planted as well as getting a planting of sunflowers and Zinnias planted.

Over in the veggie department, we have been picking Asparagus for a couple weeks now and will continue for the next month or so(They are super tasty this year and good pickled too).  The Rhubarb is almost ready to start picking along with artichokes.

As for planting, we are just getting started :).  Onions went into the ground about a week ago and potatoes of many different varieties will be going in this week.  Beets, carrots, beans, etc will be going in as soon as we can get the time and May is when we will be getting all those tasty tomato transplants and such going.

Things are coming back to life here on the farm 🙂