Landyn EasterIt has been way to long since the last update and we have had lots of things happening!  Here is a little of what we’ve been up to…

First off, we welcomed another little one this last October, a little boy.  Landyn Jesse Perkins is almost exactly 4 years younger than his big sister (who takes her job seriously and does very well).  Before we know it they both will be helping out with the many goings on here on the farm.

As for critters, we have been expanding the number and breeds of cows we have been keeping.  Besides the older dairy girls, we now have some different dairy crosses and beef dairy crosses we are raising up to get some nice beef calves from.  We are hitting the point where i think they all need to start wearing name tags so i can tell them apart.  Also this last fall we planted cover crop with the thought of harvesting it this spring for our winter feed.  Well as of earlier this week that plan more than paid off, we were able to get more than enough haylage made and will have extra to sell.  These cows will be eating well this winter. 🙂

The vegetable and flower crops have been doing very well.  We now have a large greenhouse set up just for tomatoes and one just for dahlias.  They have been a huge help in lengthening the season on both. Right now as i write this the tomatoes are growing like crazy and the dahlias are starting to come up and grow.

Lately we have finally been able to start planting dahlias out in the field and soon will be able to get other veggies started.  On the other hand, the asparagus is being harvested like crazy and not looking to be slowing down anytime soon and the rhubarb is getting closer to being ready to pick.

Here’s to a great growing season ahead!